How to Get Snapchat on Chromebook

How to Get Snapchat on Chromebook

For Chromebook users, accessing this addictive app has proven challenging. But fear not! We will uncover the secrets of how to get Snapchat on Chromebook, so you can join in on the fun and stay connected with your friends and loved ones without missing a beat. Whether you’re a student or a professional, we’ve got you covered with simple yet effective methods that will have you snapping away on your Chromebook in no time.

So let’s dive into it and unlock the world of Snapchat right at your fingertips!

Can You Access Snapchat on a Chromebook?

Absolutely, you can! Snapchat, a popular multi-platform social app primarily designed for Android and iOS devices, is indeed accessible on Chromebooks as well. This versatile capability comes from the compatibility of Chromebooks with the Google Play Store, offering you the opportunity to effortlessly download and install Snapchat. Alternatively, you can also enjoy Snapchat on your Chromebook via the Google Chrome web browser.

Feasibility of Running Snapchat on Chromebook

Running Snapchat on your Chromebook is entirely feasible. The process is straightforward: you can either download it from the Google Play Store or opt for the web version, making it incredibly convenient. Enabling Google Play support is an added advantage, streamlining the process of obtaining and using Snapchat on your Chromebook.

Ensuring your Chromebook is up to date is crucial for a seamless Snapchat experience. Regularly checking and updating your Chromebook’s operating system ensures you have access to the latest features and essential security patches, further enhancing the ease of getting Snapchat on your Chromebook.

Snapchat on Chromebook brings an exciting, user-friendly dimension to your social media experience, right at your fingertips. Enjoy connecting with friends and sharing moments with this dynamic application on your versatile Chromebook!

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How To Download and Install Snapchat on Chromebook

To download Snapchat on your Chromebook, go to the Google Play Store. 

Step 1: Access Google Play Store:
Begin the installation process by accessing the Google Play Store on your Chromebook. Navigate to the Google Play Store page dedicated to Snapchat for Chromebook.

How to Get Snapchat on Chromebook step 1

Step 2: Search for Snapchat:
In the Google Play Store, use the search function to look for the Snapchat app. Alternatively, you can access Snapchat’s page directly through the provided link.

How to Get Snapchat on Chromebook step 2

Step 3: Download Snapchat:
Click on the “Get” button to initiate the Snapchat download. This step will prompt the app’s installation onto your Chromebook.

How to Get Snapchat on Chromebook step 3

Step 4: Open Snapchat:
Once the download is complete, you can open Snapchat either from the Google Play Store or through the app menu on your Chromebook.

How to Get Snapchat on Chromebook step 4

If your Chromebook lacks support for Android apps, don’t worry. You can still access Snapchat using the web version. Simply visit using your web browser from any computer to enjoy Snapchat’s features online.

Don’t Forget To Update Your Chromebook

Updating your Chromebook’s operating system is essential to avoid issues during installation. Newer apps like Snapchat require updated operating systems and may not run on older versions. 

Here are some easy steps to update your Chromebook’s operating system and get Snapchat running smoothly.

  1. Start by connecting your Chromebook to the internet using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  2.  In the bottom left corner of the screen, click on the clock icon, then open Settings.
  3.  From there, select Menu and choose About Chrome OS to find out which version you have.
  4. Click on Check for Updates, and it will automatically start downloading if an update is available.
  5.  Updating your Chromebook will ensure that you have the latest security patches and features in addition to preparing it for running Snapchat.
  6. This simple process will keep your Chromebook up-to-date with the requirements for running popular apps like Snapchat.

How To Operate Snapchat on Chromebook

Open Snapchat on your Chromebook, and you will be prompted with a sign-up/sign-in page.

  1. If it’s your first time using the app, create a new account which is quick and easy.
  2. Sign in with your existing credentials if you already have a Snapchat account.
  3. Snapchat will request permission to access your Chromebook’s camera and saved contacts.
  4. Once granted, you will be directed to the app’s main screen, where all the action takes place.
  5. Take your time to explore all that Snapchat offers and enjoy its many features.
  6. On Snapchat, you can send disappearing photos and videos, engage with filters and lenses, chat with friends, explore Discover content, and more.
  7. Some features may differ slightly on a Chromebook compared to a mobile device or tablet.
  8. Get creative, share moments with friends, and embrace the world of Snapchat suitable from your Chromebook.

Is Snapchat Web not working on Chrome? 

There are a few possible reasons for this issue. If you’re using an outdated version of Chrome, it may be incompatible with Snapchat Web. It’s advisable to update your browser to the latest version. 

A poor internet connection can also cause Snapchat Web to fail to load correctly. Assess the strength and stability of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Another factor is browser extensions or add-ons that interfere with Snapchat Web functionality. 

Try turning off all extensions to troubleshoot the problem. Corrupted or outdated cache and cookies can also lead to malfunctions in Snapchat Web. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies might help resolve the issue. Snapchat Web may experience temporary server problems, which you must wait until Snapchat determines them. Specific older devices may need to meet the hardware or software requirements for running Snapchat Web effectively.

Solution to Snapchat not working on Chrome

There are a few solutions you can try to resolve this problem.

Cache and Cookies

Clearing your browser cache and cookies can often help fix any technical glitches. Go to the Chrome settings menu and choose Clear browsing data to do this. Make sure to select the option to clear cache and cookies.

Enable Permissions

Another potential solution is to enable permissions for Snapchat Web. Sometimes, specific settings may block its functionality. To rectify this, access your browser’s settings and navigate to the Site Settings or Privacy and Security section. From there, locate the permissions for camera and microphone access, and ensure that Snapchat Web is allowed.

Browser Extensions

If neither of these steps works, turn off any browser extensions you have installed. Extensions can sometimes interfere with the functioning of websites. Temporarily disable them one by one until you identify if any specific extension is causing the issue.

Following these troubleshooting steps, you can run Snapchat Web on Chrome without any hindrances.


No, you don’t necessarily need a touchscreen-enabled Chromebook to use Snapchat. You can still navigate through the app using keyboard and mouse inputs.

Absolutely! Once you have installed Snapchat on your Chromebook, you can send and receive Snapchats and chat with your friends just like you would on a smartphone.

Using Snapchat may consume some system resources and battery life, but it should be fine with the overall performance of your Chromebook if you have a reasonably powerful device.


Getting Snapchat on Chromebooks is not only possible but also incredibly easy. Using the Android app or the web version of Snapchat, Chromebook users can enjoy all the features and benefits of the popular social media platform. Whether staying connected with friends, sharing moments through photos and videos, or exploring the wide range of filters and lenses, Chromebook users no longer have to miss out on the Snapchat experience. 
So why wait? Start using Snapchat on your Chromebook today and join millions of users worldwide in capturing and sharing moments like never before. Don’t let your device limit your social media experience – take advantage of this simple solution and unlock all that Snapchat offers!

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