How to Get Unbanned From Snapchat

How to Get Unbanned From Snapchat

Snapchat is undeniably one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to connect with friends and share moments through photos and videos. However, like any online community, Snapchat has guidelines that users must adhere to. Violating these guidelines can result in a ban from the platform, leaving users frustrated and disconnected from their online social circle. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, fear not! In this article, we will explore t and effective steps on how to get unbanned from Snapchat. There are various types of bans that Snapchat can impose on its users, one of which is a temporary ban. Some are given below

Types of Snap Chat Bans

When it comes to Snapchat bans, there are several types that users need to be aware of. 

Temporary bans

Temporary bans serve as a way for Snapchat to enforce rules and maintain a safe environment for its users. They act as deterrents against inappropriate behavior, harassment, or any actions that go against the platform’s terms and conditions.ย 

Permanent bans 

Permanent bans are the most severe form of ban on Snapchat, as they completely restrict access to your account. Once you receive a permanent ban, you will not be able to log in or use any features unless you successfully appeal the ban. 

IP address bans

IP address bans target your internet network rather than an individual user account. When Snapchat detects suspicious or malicious activity coming from a particular IP address, they may decide to ban that specific IP address. This type of ban is implemented as a preventive measure to combat spamming, hacking attempts, or other forms of abuse. 

Device (IMEI) bans 

one of the worst kinds is the device (IMEI) ban. This ban completely stops you from using Snapchat on your device altogether. Unlike other bans like account suspensions or temporary restrictions, a device ban takes away your access to the app permanently.

How to Get Unbanned From Snapchat

Understand the reason for your ban: Before taking any steps to get unbanned from Snapchat, it is important to understand why you were banned in the first place. Common reasons for bans include violating community guidelines, sending inappropriate content, or using third-party apps. Knowing the reason will help you tailor your approach to getting unbanned.

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Submit an appeal:

ย Snapchat allows users to submit an appeal if they believe their ban was unjustified. To do this, go to Snapchat’s Support page and fill out the form provided. Make sure to explain your situation clearly and provide any evidence that supports your claim of being wrongly banned.

we’ll guide you through the process of unlocking your locked or banned Snapchat account by engaging with Snapchat Support. With these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to articulate your issue and maximize your chances of a successful resolution while adhering to Snapchat’s guidelines.

Step 1: Visit Snapchat Support:
Access Snapchat’s official support page.

How to get unbanned from snapchat step 1

Step 2: Choose “Account Access Issues”:
Select the option that addresses account access problems, typically labeled “I canโ€™t access my account.”

How to get unbanned from snapchat step 2

Step 3: Specify “Account Lock”:
Indicate that your account is locked within the support section.

How to get unbanned from snapchat step 3

Step 4: Complete Account Recovery Form:
Fill out the provided form with your Snapchat username, registered email, mobile number, and a detailed description of the issue.

How to get unbanned from snapchat step 4

Step 5: Thorough Problem Description:
Provide a comprehensive description of the problem, including error messages and relevant details.

How to get unbanned from snapchat step 5

Step 6: Await Snapchat’s Response:
Submit the form and await Snapchat’s support team to review and respond to your request. Be patient, as they will typically respond promptly.

How to get unbanned from snapchat step 6

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Wait patiently:

After submitting your appeal, it is crucial to be patient and wait for a response from Snapchat. It may take anywhere from a few days to weeks before you receive a reply. In the meantime, refrain from creating multiple accounts or trying other methods to access Snapchat as this might worsen your situation.

Learn from past mistakes: 

If you are lucky enough to regain access to Snapchat after an appeal, make sure you learn from your ban and avoid repeating whatever behavior got you banned in the first place. Stay updated on Snapchat’s community guidelines and use the platform responsibly going forward.

Seek alternative methods: 

If all else fails and you find yourself permanently banned with no hope of getting unbanned through official channels, consider seeking alternative methods such as using a different device or creating a new account with different credentials (although this may violate Snapchat’s terms of service).


Creating a new account is against Snapchat’s terms of service and will not guarantee that you’ll be unbanned. In fact, doing so may lead to permanent suspension of both accounts.

To avoid future bans, make sure to familiarize yourself with Snapchat’s community guidelines and use the app responsibly without engaging in activities that violate their policies.


How to Get Unbanned From Snapchat is a daunting task, but with the right approach and patience, it is possible to regain access to your account. Remember to thoroughly review Snapchat’s community guidelines and terms of service to ensure you understand what actions may have led to your ban and how to avoid them in the future. Reach out to Snapchat support and provide any necessary information or evidence that can help prove your case. Consider reflecting on your behavior and making positive changes to ensure you adhere to Snapchat’s rules moving forward. By following these steps, you increase your chances of successfully getting unbanned from Snapchat and returning to enjoying all the features it has to offer. Don’t give up; take action today!

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