How to See Who Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story

How to See Who Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story

Snapchat has revolutionized how we share our lives, allowing us to capture and broadcast moments that vanish instantly. But what happens when someone takes a screenshot of your carefully curated story? The mystery of who’s capturing those fleeting images has puzzled Snapchat users for years. Well, worry no more! 

We will unveil the secrets behind identifying those stealthy screenshot takers and provide a step-by-step guide to see who screenshotted your Snapchat story. Get ready to uncover the truth and take control of your digital footprint like never before!

How to See Who Screenshotted or Viewed Your Snapchat Story

Seeing who viewed your Snapchat story and if anyone has taken a screenshot can add more transparency to the social media experience. It allows you to gauge your audience’s interest and engagement and identify potential privacy breaches.
Snapchat allows users to monitor their story viewers to maintain control over their content and privacy. Learn how to do it step-by-step.

Step 1: Accessing the Stories Screen:
Open Snapchat and head to the Stories screen by tapping the icon on the bottom-left corner.

How to See Who Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story step 1

Step 2: Viewing Story Statistics:
Tap the three small dots next to your Story, typically located at the bottom of your screen. This will open the Story statistics.

How to See Who Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story step 2

Step 3: Identifying Snap Views:
In the Story statistics, you’ll see the number of people who have viewed each Snap. This is indicated by a purple eyeball icon next to each Snap.

How to See Who Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story step 3

Step 4: Detecting Screenshots:
Keep an eye out for green triangles and the number of screenshots. If someone has taken a screenshot of your Snap, it will be displayed here.

How to See Who Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story step 4

Step 5: Uncovering Screenshot Takers:
Swipe up on your Snap to access a list of all individuals who have viewed it. Those who have screenshotted your Snap will be highlighted in green.

How to See Who Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story step 5

Step 6: Addressing Concerns
Identify who has taken screenshots, allowing you to address any potential concerns or issues that may arise from the screenshot.

How to See Who Screenshotted Your Snapchat Story step 6

Keep in mind that users can save your content without your knowledge by using third-party apps or external cameras. Snapchat may not be able to detect these instances.

Checking Limitations & Changing Snapchat Permissions

One limitation to keep in mind is the time limit for viewing snaps. Once a snap is opened, it disappears after a set amount of time, which can be as short as 10 seconds. This feature might seem intriguing at first, but it also raises concerns about privacy and permanence.

In addition to limitations, managing your Snapchat permissions is essential for maintaining control over your personal information. By default, Snapchat collects certain data from its users to enhance their experience on the app. You have the ability to modify these permissions according to your comfort level and preferences. Be cautious when granting access to your location or contacts list, as these aspects can potentially compromise your privacy.

It’s important to note that changing permissions on Snapchat isn’t a one-time decision. As relationships evolve and dynamics change, you might decide that certain people no longer have permission to see your stories. In such cases, revisiting these settings and making adjustments becomes crucial for maintaining your desired level of privacy.

By allowing users added by the original poster as the primary viewers of Stories on Snapchat, the platform grants a sense of intimacy while respecting user preferences. It also establishes an environment where sharing personal experiences feels safe without compromising privacy boundaries. So next time you’re eager to check who can see your Snapchats or adjust those permissions according to evolving relationships, remember how effortlessly such changes can be made within the app’s settings.

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Get Rid of Those who screenshot Snapchat Story

Sometimes you might want to keep certain people, especially those who take screenshots of your Snapchat story, from viewing it. Here’s how you can easily block them or restirict them in you snapchat story:

Excluding Unwanted Views from Your Snapchat Story

Step 1: Launch Snapchat
First things first, open up the Snapchat app and make sure you’re logged in.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile
Tap on your profile icon or Bitmoji in the upper-left corner of the camera screen. This will take you to your profile page.

Step 3: Access Your Settings
On your profile page, you’ll see a little gear icon in the upper-right corner. Tap that to access your settings.

Step 4: Find the ‘Who Can…’ Section
Scroll down in the settings menu until you come across the ‘Who Can…’ section. Give it a tap.

Step 5: Select ‘View My Story’
Under the ‘Who Can…’ section, you’ll find an option labeled ‘View My Story.’ Tap that to start customizing who can see your Snapchat story.

Step 6: Choose ‘Custom’
Instead of letting ‘Everyone’ or ‘My Friends’ view your story, select ‘Custom.’

Step 7: Identify the User You Want to Block
Now, you’ll see a list of your friends. Locate the person you want to block from viewing your story and tap on their name. This action will add a red X next to their name.

Step 8: Save Your Changes
After you’ve added the red X next to the user’s name, save your changes by tapping the ‘Back’ button or arrow.

Blocking Someone on Snapchat to Prevent Them from Viewing Your Story

Blocking someone on Snapchat ensures they won’t see your posts. If you want to know how to prevent someone from viewing your Snapchat Story, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and Access Settings Start by launching the Snapchat app, then swipe down from the main screen and tap the Settings icon located in the upper-right corner.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘Who Can View My Story’ Scroll down the settings menu until you find the “Who Can” section, then click on “View My Story.”

Step 3: Customize Your Audience Under “View My Story,” choose the “Custom” option.

Step 4: Select the Person to Block Here, you’ll see a list of your connections. Check the box next to the person you want to block from seeing your Snapchat Story.

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There are some third-party apps claiming to offer this functionality, but they are often unreliable and violate Snapchat’s terms of service. We recommend avoiding such apps to protect your privacy and account security.

To maintain privacy while using Snapchat, be mindful of the content you share and ensure your settings are appropriately configured so only trusted friends can view your stories.


Snapchat does not provide a built-in feature to see who screenshotted your story, there are still ways to gather some information about potential screenshot offenders. Using third-party apps like SnapSaver or SnapBox can help capture screenshots without notifying the sender. Paying attention to the timestamp of viewers can give you an idea of who might have taken a screenshot. It is important to remember that these methods are not foolproof and may not always provide accurate results. If someone has taken a screenshot of your story, confronting them directly might be the most effective way to find out. So next time you post on Snapchat, keep these tips in mind for a safer and more private social media experience.

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