How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Snapchat

Snapchat allows us to block someone to maintain our privacy if we want personal space or no more conversation with someone. But being blocked by someone can raise a question because you don’t receive the notification from the user who has blocked you. 

If you need clarification, differentiate whether someone blocked or deleted you from his account. Because these are two different things, you may need clarification. This guide will tell you how to know if someone has blocked you or deleted you from their friend’s list.

Instant Answer:

you can check immediately by checking the recent chat that appears in your conversation box; if it disappears, you are blocked.

Importance of differentiate being blocked and removed on snapchat

Understanding of being blocked or removed is essential to avoid any misconception, because it made me confused once. It’s crucial for fostering respectful online interaction, and to avoid conflicts, and maintain personal growth in the digital age.

Personal Experience

One day, I was confused on Snapchat when I found one of my close friends had blocked me. Their name had disappeared from the Snapchat contact list, leaving me worried. I thought I had unintentionally upset them or that there was some issue if they had blocked me. 

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After some time, I thought of reaching out to them through a text message, and thankfully, he responded to me immediately. He told me that it happened by mistake from his younger son. That is why confirmation is mandatory to decide before assuming that you are merely removed from someone mistakenly or blocked by someone intentionally.

Difference between Blocked and Removed on Snapchat

Being removed is the same as being unfriended on Snapchat, and being blocked means maintaining privacy from someone you don’t want to disclose your photos and data. But the difference between them is requisite.

When someone removes you, it’s like being unfriended. You still have the option to re-add that person and see their name and account when searching for them. Being removed can be reversed or mediated to some extent. However, being blocked is a drastic action, essentially severing all connections. When someone removes them, you can see their stories if they have sent them to everyone.

However, if you’re blocked, you won’t have access to any of their content, regardless of their privacy settings.

Methods to Check you Have Blocked by Someone on Snapchat

Being blocked by someone can confuse you because you will get no notification or alert from the Snapchat app. If someone blocks you, you won’t be qualified to send messages and photos. So, knowing the actual situation is not too tricky, that they have blocked you or you are deleted from their friend list.

It’s crucial to discriminate between blocking and removing. If you are removed from someone, you can find it. However, if you are blocked, you can not search it using that person’s name. A deactivated account performs similarly to an account that has blocked you. There are some methods to ascertain on your iPhone or Android devices whether the account has been closed or is still active and not visible to you.

1.Check Your Chat History.

You can search for that user in your chat history; if their chat does not appear while searching, it indicates that he blocked you. This option is useful only if you have ever had a conversation with someone who may have blocked you and still need to clear the chat history.

Reason could be anything why someone prefers to block you; respecting their decision is mandatory. Although disappointing, you must understand that the person needs their privacy. Or they may get interrupted by messages and photos received from you. But you need to confirm either you are blocked, or it’s just an illusion.

Unlock Snapchat and search the conversation tab by tapping the bubble button at the crest of the left camera snap button. Suppose the person who had a chat with you appears to you later. It’s a clear sign there is something fishy. 

But it needs to be a clear indication to check if someone’s blocked you as if you had a conversation with them, and messages will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Therefore, to be sure about blocking, try to check other methods.

if someone blocked you on snapchat who to know

2. Search by Full Name or Username

This choice is handy if you have never interacted with that user in a chat box. Try to find their full name or username to confirm whether they blocked you. If you search for their username or full name yields no results, this may happen as they have blocked you. However, they may have taken you off their friend list if you still find the search bar.

  • Searching by username is more beneficial as everyone has a unique username.
  • Search by a username, navigate to a search feature that represents the glass icon, and input the username of the suspicious user. 
  • If you observe their name in your chat history and attempt to send a message but receive an automated response like “failed to send your message, tap to try again”, it’s a potential indication that you’ve been blocked.
  • Although it could be a connection issue, you must check the internet connection.
  • You have been deleted from the contact list if it consists of pending responses.
How to know if someone has blocked you on snapchat by username searching

3. Ask your Friend to Search for the Name or Use a Different Account.

To further investigate whether you have been blocked, you can perform a search by using a username or full name from a different account. While you can’t locate the user when searching in the initial attempt, it indicates they’ve blocked you. But more is needed to confirm the existence of their account. 

Request a friend to search for using their account

Finding the clue by asking your friend to search for that user using their account is a piece of cake. Ask your mutual friend to check the suspicious user from their account to see if he deleted the account or blocked you. 

Ask them to search by using the required username. They will tell you the user is still available on Snapchat and wants to hide their account from you.

Create a new account or use a different account.

 If you aren’t comfortable with having help from someone, you can go with this method; you need to use another account or make a new one to perform this action.

  1. Sign out from the existing account
  2. Tap the up button to make a new one
  3. By giving the required information, make your brand new account
  4. After signing up, search for the user who has been blacking you.

4. check your contact list

Another method to identify if you’ve been blocked on Snapchat is by assessing your contact list. If you noticed the person is not currently on your contact list, you could have been blocked.

To do so, go to Snapchat and search for the person by their name or username. If you remember the username, it’s a better and quick way to find the desired result.If you can see their profile and find the option to re-add them, you are removed but not blocked.


How can you identify if someone has blocked you on Snapchat without initiating a message to them?
You can discern the possibility of someone blocking you on Snapchat if:

  • Their name disappears from your contact list 
  • you can’t see their story or Bitmoji on the map 
  • your message to them remains pending or is not delivered
  •  you can’t search and find they are username when looking for it 

What happens when someone blocks you on Snapchat?
If someone blocks you on Snapchat 

  • you lost the ability to send them messages, and your previous messages will stay unread 
  • Their name will disappear from your contact list 
  • You want to see their stories, and they won’t see yours
  •  You won’t have the ability to look up their username or send them a friend request 

How do block and unadded actions differ on Snapchat?
The main difference is that you lose most communication and access when someone blocks you on Snapchat. Being unadded or unfriended means you are no longer friends, but you can still see some of their content and can re-add them as a friend 

In 2023, how can you determine if someone has blocked you on Snapchat?
You can determine if someone has blocked you on Snapchat in 2023 if their name disappears from your contact list, your messages remain unread, and you can’t see their stories or Bitmoji on the Snap map. If you can’t search and look at them as friends, it’s a strong indicator of being blocked. 

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