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How to remove someone from Snapchat Group- Complete Guide

Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms, connecting friends and family through its unique features. One aspect that sets it apart is the ability to create and join groups, allowing users to share moments and conversations with multiple people at once. However, there may come a time when you need to remove someone from a Snapchat group for various reasons. Whether it’s due to unwanted behavior or simply wanting to downsize your circle, this complete guide will walk you through the steps how to remove someone from  Snap chat group in a hassle-free manner. So get ready to take control of your social circle on Snapchat!

How to remove someone from Snap chat Group

Sometimes, we find ourselves in Snapchat groups that no longer serve a purpose or bring us joy. Whether it’s because of drama, negativity, or simply outgrowing the group, removing someone from a Snapchat group can be a necessary but tricky task. It’s important to approach this situation with empathy and respect to minimize any potential hurt feelings. Some easy ways are given below:

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Easy ways to remove someone from snap chat

  • Creating a  new Group
  • Asking Someone to leave a Group

Creating A new Group

Creating a new group on Snapchat can be a fun way to connect with your friends and share moments together.

  1. To start, open the Snapchat app and tap on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.
How to remove someone from Snapchat Group

2. Next, select New Group and choose the friends you want to add to your group.

3. You can then give your group a catchy name that reflects its purpose or theme, making it more exciting for members.

Removing snapchat from group

Once your group is set up, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to remove someone from the group. Don’t worry; it’s as simple as navigating to the group chat page and finding their name in the list of participants. Press and hold their name until a menu appears with options such as Remove from Group. This feature allows you to manage who is part of your Snap chat community easily.

Asking Someone to leave a Group

When it comes to managing a group chat on Snapchat, things can get tricky. Whether it’s a friend group or a work-related conversation, there may come a time when you have to ask someone to leave the group. While this can be an uncomfortable situation, it is sometimes necessary for maintaining the dynamic and integrity of the group.

One approach to asking someone to leave the Snapchat group is having an open and honest conversation with them. Explain your reasons for wanting them out and express how their presence has been disruptive or not aligned with the group’s goals. By communicating directly, you allow them the opportunity to understand where they went wrong and potentially change their behavior in future interactions.

Another way to address this situation is by utilizing privacy settings within Snap chat. If the person refuses to leave voluntarily or if confrontation makes you uncomfortable, you can consider removing them from the chat without their knowledge using features like Ghost Mode or Do Not Disturb. Keep in mind that resorting to these tactics should always be your last option as transparency and communication are vital factors in maintaining healthy relationships within a group.

What happens to messages sent by the removed person in the Snap chat group?

When a person is removed from a Snapchat group, you may wonder what happens to the messages they have sent in the past. The truth is, once someone has been removed from a group, their previous messages stay intact and are not affected. This means that anyone who was part of the group can still access and view those messages.
While removing someone from a group eliminates their ability to send new messages or see any future conversations, it does not erase their past contributions. This can be both beneficial and problematic depending on the situation. On the one hand, it allows everyone to refer back to previous discussions and keep critical information accessible. On the other hand, it also means that controversial or inappropriate messages sent by a removed member remain within the conversation for others to see.

Snapchat’s decision to preserve these messages highlights its focus on privacy and transparency ensuring that users have complete control over what they share and who can access it. However, this policy also raises concerns about accountability when it comes to individual behavior within groups. It serves as a reminder for everyone participating in Snapchat groups to be mindful of their words as they may linger long after they have left the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the person know if they are removed from the Snapchat group?
Yes, when you remove someone from a Snapchat group, they will receive a notification stating that they have been removed from the group.

Can I remove multiple people at once from a Snapchat group?
No, currently there is no option to remove multiple people at once from a Snapchat group. You must follow the steps mentioned earlier for each individual you want to remove.

Can I re-add someone after removing them from a Snapchat group?
Yes, you can re-add someone after removing them from a Snapchat group. Simply follow the same steps as before and add them back into the group.


How to remove someone from a Snapchat group? It is a simple and straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily remove any unwanted members from your group and maintain a positive and enjoyable experience for all participants. Remember to communicate openly with your group members and ensure that everyone is aware of the decision to remove someone. Additionally, take advantage of Snapchat’s privacy settings to prevent future issues with unwanted additions to your groups. With these tips in mind, you can confidently manage your Snapchat groups and create an environment that aligns with your preferences. So go ahead, take control of your Snapchat experience today!

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