Time Sensitive Mean on Snapchat

What Does Time Sensitive Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat inaugurated a time-sensitive mode for people who want to get important notifications, whether traveling or busy in their daily routine. Snapchat’s time-sensitive feature breaks the barrier of don’t disturb mode, which people mostly use while in meetings or on their daily busy schedule. 

Time-sensitive features are crucial for important notifications that must be delivered in time, no matter if you turn on the do not disturb mode, because it requires immediate attention from the users. In this guide, we will discuss the time-sensitive feature in Snapchat and how it would be beneficial for you and the method of turning on Snapchat in iPhone and Android.

What is Time-Sensitive Means, and How Does it Work?

Snapchat enabled this new update in May 2023, available on Android and iOS. Apple introduced time-sensitive notifications on iOS 1 5. It’s vulnerable to some high-priority messages by your friends, requiring immediate response and attention to not miss some important messages.

Snapchat often introduces features such as chat GPT alternatives and time-sensitive means to entertain users. Sometimes, it could confuse users about important notifications and Snapchat displays according to their priority. Users can customize incoming notifications from their friends, such as suggestions, mentions, and memories.

Sometimes, getting too many notifications is considered spamming; the good way to avoid using these settings is so you can only receive essential notifications visible to you on your lock screen.
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Usage and Importance of Time Sensitive Feature

Apple introduced specific alterations to notifications in iOS 15, providing more control in the hands of users by its new Focus feature. This update enabled the equally important for users to make personalized changes in their notifications according to their usage and priorities.

Focus mode

This permits Apple users to apply restrictions on alerts using their phones at certain times of the day. Users can apply it while they sleep, go to work, or even all day if they disturb themselves.

Time Notification

Time notifications grab immediate response from the users because it is delivered immediately and pops up on your lock screen. It’s because sometimes it could be important for you. Suppose you visit your friend at their home, and you forget your wristwatch or some important file; it will cause an immediate response by using the Find My alert (notification).

Nowadays, many riding apps such as Uber allow users to know when the driver has reached their destination. I have found a game changer for me; it’s so easy to receive notifications when I book an Uber to go somewhere, and I get immediate notifications when the driver reaches my destination.

How to Turn off/on ‘Time-sensitive’ Notifications on Snapchat

It’s initially rolled out for Apple users, but you can also use it on your Android with some customization. Here are the ways to turn off this feature for iPhone and Android users:

Turn On/Off Time Sensitive Notification on Snapchat

This time-sensitive feature has been enabled on the iPhone. It will be displayed on the condition set to the scheduled summary, which shows notification in the form of a summary at specific times every day. It remains for about one hour so users don’t miss them due to its urgency. 

However, if a user wants to turn off these notifications on Snapchat, he can perform the given action:

  1. To access notification settings, open your iPhone settings app
  2. Locate Snapchat in the settings by scrolling down
  3. Disable time-sensitive notifications in Snapchat in the list of apps and select it
  4. Press off the switch next to time-sensitive notifications
  5. You won’t be able to receive time-sensitive notifications from Snapchat.
  6. Customizing Snapchat notifications in settings appear on your iPhone
  7. You can choose now display notification whether you want to display it or not on the lock screen 
  8. You also have the option to turn on or off notification sounds and badge icons.
  9. Find out more notification settings within the app, such as friend suggestions and trending public content.

How to Turn On/Off time sensitive Notification of Snapchat on Android

Although there is no time-sensitive notification available on Android, you can manage and customize Snapchat notifications as per your desire. Anyhow, the procedure is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Here is how you get to know about it:

  1. Unlock the settings option on your Android phone.
  2. Come to the Apps section within the settings
  3. Select the Snapchat tab if it’s in your previous app list,
  4. Move toward all apps and locate Snapchat 
  5. Now, select the notifications option
  6. Turn off notifications that you found unnecessary.


What do you mean a message is time-sensitive?
A time-sensitive message is an action that requires immediate response due to its urgency for a specific time frame. And it remains on your screen for one hour.

How do I turn off time-sensitive on Snapchat?
To turn off this notification on Snapchat, open your phone’s settings, locate notifications, and turn them off 

How do you know if someone sent a snap just to you?
When someone sends you a snap exclusively, it will appear as a private snap. Look for notifications, find them under the sender’s name in your chat list, and note that a red or purple icon indicates its presence.


In conclusion, the Time Sensitive feature is a valuable addition that ensures users do not mean crucial notifications. Even if they are using not-disturb mode, users can customize their Snapchat notifications to filter out less crucial alerts.

The availability of time-sensitive notifications varies between IOS and Android, with IOS 15 introducing specific control-like focus features. While Android may not have the same sensitive features, users can use both platforms to tailor notifications according to their preferences, ensuring that there are only those notifications that matter most to them.

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